At New Age Caravans we want every adventure you and your family embark on to be as safe as it is enjoyable. We achieve this in a number of ways. First and foremost, our caravans, pop tops and campers are the only ones in the world that feature a Walkinshaw hot dip galvanized chassis.

Walkinshaw hot dip galvanized chassis

Designed and engineered by Australia’s high-performance experts, the chassis offers a whole new level of stability and control and unparalleled strength, durability and reliability.

Unlike other chassis that are made from two separate parts, the Walkinshaw chassis is a single continuous frame. The chassis is robotically welded to ensure reliable and repeatable welds for every join and cross member, and the A-frame at the front of every chassis is rolled, not welded. The result is a chassis that delivers far greater structural integrity and durability.

As you’d expect, the Walkinshaw chassis is ADR62 compliant. All of which means, it meets Australia’s highest compliance regulations. But then that’s only what you’d expect from engineers responsible for designing some of Australia’s most iconic high-performance cars.

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What you might not expect, is that thanks to Walkinshaw our vans undergo a testing process unlike any other.

Through Walkinshaw we have access to the only 7-post testing rig in the country. The rig can accurately simulate over 20,000km of travel around Australia in hours instead of months, giving us valuable data on how our products perform.

Of course the testing process isn’t just used to test the chassis. We look at how every part of the van stands up to the rigorous testing, especially features like the suspension system. After all, if you want to build the safest and best handling vans on the road, you need more than just a great chassis. You also need the best suspension and safety systems around.

Every one of our vans features a suspension system that works in perfect unison with the Walkinshaw chassis to deliver superior handling and control. In fact, many of our vans feature Cruisemaster suspension as standard.

If you’re looking for a van that’ll let you head off on great Australian adventures with greater safety than ever before, then you’ll love the New Age Caravans difference.